Cocoa sponge cake ~ by Microwave

Hello! How are you? Today I'm sharing with you one of my secret's recipes (which won't be a secret anymore). Cooking always involves science, specially in this cake because it's done just using the microwave. This cake is really fluffy and tasty and I think you'll really enjoy it!!! Cocoa sponge cake: Ingredients: 1 egg … Continue reading Cocoa sponge cake ~ by Microwave


Customize your board game

Hellooo!! How are you? As we are on holidays, I really enjoy to play board games with my friends and family. My favourite one is Ludo, or as we say it here, Parchís (I think it's quite different). (Here are the RULES in case you don't know them) And I really like doing things on … Continue reading Customize your board game