Cocoa sponge cake ~ by Microwave

Hello! How are you? Today I'm sharing with you one of my secret's recipes (which won't be a secret anymore). Cooking always involves science, specially in this cake because it's done just using the microwave. This cake is really fluffy and tasty and I think you'll really enjoy it!!! Cocoa sponge cake: Ingredients: 1 egg … Continue reading Cocoa sponge cake ~ by Microwave


Vogue’s 73 Questions

Hello!!! How are you?? After such a time blogging, I've realized that I've talk a lot about fashion and other random stuff, but I haven't talk about myself at all. That's why I've made this post!! After reading it, you will know me a bit better because I'll be answering the 73 questions Vogue makes … Continue reading Vogue’s 73 Questions