Back to school outfit

Hey! How are you? I’ve read that most of you have already started school, I started last Tuesday and it was very hard to wake up at 7 a.m. again!!! 😣 😣 😣 aaghhh

But everything went all right!!!

Today I come with the perfect outfit for a normal day at school or college! Hope you like it!!


This outfit is quite similar to Summer Outfit -2018 but it’s more formal and appopieted for high school or college!

For the top I’ve opted for a white tie knot shirt, formal and trendy!

Here in Barcelona, it’s still quite hot. That’s why I’ve chosen some maroon shorts that worn, look like a skirt. I’ve chosen them instead of a skirt because they are more comfy and as trendy as the skirt.

The shoes are a pair of white platform espadrille sneakers. They are really cool and remember a bit to summer 😋😋!

As it’s for school, there are two essential things: a backpack, in this case a black one with some buckles from H & M, and a diary to write down all your homework!

For me, it’s also important to bring at school a dressing case with a hair brush and a hair tie for any warm moment and a toothbrush in case you eat at school. The dressing case should also include a bit of makeup for little retouches, in this case liquid cherry lipstick, a Gucci eye pencil and a lack lash mascara.

The outfit also include a maroon nail colour, not to bring at school but to paint your nails the day before to have them perfect at school! There’s also a curling iron because I love to have my hair perfectly curl to go to school, so some days I curl it at the morning before going to school.

And finnally, but not less important: cologne, or parfum, or fragrance, or whatever you say. At school I always have a tiny bottle of parfum for emergencies (for you or for someone near you that smells horrible). That’s why I’ve added a tiny fragrance bottle to always have close!!

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

And that’s all! I hope you like the outfit!! See you next Thursday!!!




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