Photo contest ~ Summer 2018

Hey!! How are you? Now I’m visiting Scotland and I’m having such a great time! I’ve already completed some of my objectives of the list!

At the end of the trip I’ll share with you my experience and my favorite pictures!!!

Here you have a little preview:

But I also want to discover what YOU have done this summer. I’ve seen this idea in many blogs and I’ve really liked it so I’m doing a kind of photo contest!

You just have to send me your favorite pictures of this summer and in September I’ll do a post sharing all of them (and I’ll link your blog in case you have one).

You have time until September, 1st 2018.

You have to send them to this email:

And you have to include:

  • TOPIC: Photo contest
  • Your name (optional)
  • The picture or pictures
  • Where it was taken (optional)
  • A brief explanation (optional)
  • You blog address (optional)

If you don’t want me to share some of this information don’t hesitate to tell me.

You also have to be subscribed to my blog.

I hope you are having a great time! Tell me down in the comments how has been your summer and if you’ll take part in the contest!

See you next Tuesday with another post!!



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