Customize your board game

Hellooo!! How are you? As we are on holidays, I really enjoy to play board games with my friends and family. My favourite one is Ludo, or as we say it here, Parchís (I think it’s quite different). (Here are the RULES in case you don’t know them)

And I really like doing things on my own, so I’ve customied my own Parchís using my own pictures.


So, if you want to do you own Parchís too, here you have the template I’ve made to customize it.


I’ve used Power Point and it’s very easy to do it. You just have to click with the right button  on the pictures you want to change and press Change picture and select you own picture from your computer. IMPORTANT: The pictures have to be 1:1 (like a square).

This is more or less how it will look using you own pictures.

After having put your pictures, you just have to print it, laminate it and enjoy it!

I think its a nice and very original present that you and your family will really enjoy.

If you have any problem with the template, don’t hesitate to contact me.


I hope you liked it!!!!!



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