Summer outfit 2 – 2018

Hey, how are you? First of all, I want to tell you that I started this blog with the intention of sharing my vision and my thoughts with the world, and now, just two weeks after, we’re more than 200!!!! Thank you very much to all of you!!

For today’s post, I’ve prepared an outfit that I really like to wear on a summer evening. Yeah, another summer outfit, but I really like summer clothes and I really enjoy doing this outfits!!!! Hope you like it!


This outfit is based on the combination of a black skirt and a sailor tank with a knot. I really like this tank because it’s very tight and the vertical strips make you seem more slim.

For the shoes I’ve opted for a pair of golden sandals with platform, very suitable for summer.

The complements include a group of black and gold bracelets, a golden pendant and a black beret, that worn in the correct way looks very stylish.

And finally, for the make-up to make this outfit look unique and cool, I’ve decided to use a gold molten metallic lip color, a golden eyeshadow and a golden nail polish combined with the shoes and a black mascara.



I hope you’ve liked this outfit!! See you next Tuesday!!!

Byee!!!! And be happy!!



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