Minion case | DIY

Hey!! How are you? Welcome again to my blog!

For today’s post, I’ve prepared a DIY, hope you like it!!

I really wished to do a DIY because I’m very creative and I always have lots of ideas! So, for this post, I also had some ideas, but most of them ended just as ideas. Well, in fact, all of them ended just as ideas except the one that I’m going to share with you now and another one that ended in the trash.

In this post I’m going to show you how to do a Minion case!

I love Minions because they’re very cute, but I have to confess you something: I haven’t seen the film Minions. I was going to watch it yesterday but in the related films I saw Inside out and as I had heard great reviews about it and hadn’t seen it before, I decided to watch it and I found it amazing!! I loved the film!!

But returning to the main issue, to do the Minion case you’ll need:

– The yolk-yellow capsule from inside the Kinder Egg

– Blue fabric (or denim)

– Black fabric

– Blue, white and black oven-bake modeling clay

– A glue gun (or just glue)


Now that we have everything, it’s time to start!

1. First of all you have to prepare all the pieces:

• Using the black modeling clay, do a tiny smiling mouth and some hairs.

• Using the black, white and blue modeling clay, do the eye or the eyes (depending on the Minion you want to represent).

2. Bake all the pieces (temperature and time indicated in each box).

3. While baking, cut the blue fabric and the black fabric like this:

Sin título.png

4. Stick the pocket on the big blue fabric piece.

5. Finally, stick all the pieces as seen in the picture

(to stick the blue piece of fabric, first stick the top all around and then fold each part of the bottom while sticking it)

And that’s all, now we have our Minion case! It’s the perfect place to keep your headphones or put some paper clips, or some candies, or anything you can imagine!!!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it!!! ‘Till next Thursday!!


PD: I’ve created an instagram account! @mariabcnblog


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