Sport fashion

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Okay, for today’s post I’ve prepared a sport outfit! I’ve decided to prepare a sport outfit because I love doing sports!! They’re an essential part of my life. It’s a time when I can forget everything! In fact, before, while and after studying, I always do some exercise because it really relaxes me and it also turns my mind more active but relaxed.

So here I go with the outfit, I hope you like it!!

For the top I’ve opted for a white basic sport tank just to feel comfortable and avoid sweat marks.

As it’s getting colder, I’ve choosed some balck tracksuit bottoms. They’re very stylish and combine with almost all spot clothes!

It’s also important to bring nice but good sneakers to avoid injuries. That’s why I’ve decided to combine the outfit with a pair of white addidas with black stripes (I don’t know if they are good enough but they’re nice, I should have to try them).

Another important thing to bring with you while doing sport is water. It’s important to keep you hydrated. That’s why I’ve added a bottle to be filled with water.

I also like to wear a Fitbit to calculate my cardiac rithm and the distance I’ve made.

To have your hair perfect, it’s also important to wear a tight hairstyle using a hair tie and some clips if necessary (I really hate them because when it’s time to take them off, my hair really suffers so I don’t wear them hahahaha).

If you like wearing mascara to do sport, it’s important to choose a waterproof one, so that’s why I’ve chosen this one from a Bobi Brown.

When you’ve finished your sport practice, it’s very important to take a shower. That’s why I’ve added two towels, some champoo and a bottle of perfume.

And to keep all of these things, it’s very useful to have a sports bag, to also keep the clothes and the shoes that you’ll wear after doing sport.

And that’s all for today!! I hope you’ve enjoyed!!!




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