Summer fashion: BIKINIS

Hey! How are you? Today I’m going to share with you the swim suits I’ve been using this summer. Hope you like it!

The first one is a very colourful bikini, perfect for both pale and brown skin. It has different shapes and colours, all perfectly combined on a black base. The bikini bottom has a black frame in each side and the top has one at the middle. I really like the combination of colours and how it adjusts to your body.


This second bikini is a white bikini with blue stripes (or a blue bikini with white stripes. Wait, are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Okay. I don’t care). The top of the bikni has a turquoise bow at the middle and it gives the whole bikini a chic touch. I really like this bikini for its simplicity. Less is always more! (well, maybe not always but in this case yess!)

Both bikinis have removable suspenders and are from cherry. They are perfect to go to the beach and end this summer in a cool comfortable way!

I really like them and I hope you’ve enjoyed the post!!


(I know last week I told you that today I would be answering to the Liebster award but as I’ve also been nominated for the Sunshine blogger award, I’ll do it together next week!)


16 thoughts on “Summer fashion: BIKINIS

  1. Love the style of your blog and thank you very much for the like on my page I’m really new to this and it would be wonderful if you could maybe like and follow my page I’m signing up to your now thanks everso and greetings from UK 🙂 have a nice evening GREAT outfits and colours WOW

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    1. Thank you very much!!
      When I liked your post I also tried to follow you but I have a problem with wordpress: it doesn’t allow me to subscribe to any blog :o! But when this problem is solved, I’ll follow your, for sure!!!!! And welcome to the blogosphere!!!!



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