Summer outfit – 2017

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Hello world! Here I go with my first post! It’s going to be a fashion post: I’ve created an outfit for this summer that I really like and want to share with you.



This cool outfit consists of the combination of just two colors: white and maroon.

I’ve used a basic white tank top with the quote “girls unite” written on it in red letters. I really like this top because as it’s white, it combines with everything giving a touch of color and coolness.

This outfit also includes a maroon holister skirt. I think that it’s the perfect item of clothing to have on the closet because it can conform either a formal or an informal outfit depending on the other elements of the outfit.

For the shoes, I’ve chosen a pair of white converse: simple and trendy.

The complements of this outfit include a maroon phone case with black borders, a maroon notebook with the word adventure written in gold and a pair of maroon Ray-Ban sunglasses, three items to make this outfit unique.

And finally, for the make-up I opted for a glow for lips and cheeks, all in one! and a maroon Chanel nail polish.


And to end the post, I’ll quickly explain you why I’ve putted two pieces of tape with the words BE YOURSELF and BE HAPPY written on them: because I think that these two statements define the two most important things in life.

To design this outfit I’ve used the Polyvore app. My username is Mariaabcn. There, you’ll find the details of the items of this outfit and some other outfits that I’ve created.

Hope you enjoy it!


*What do you think of the outfit? What’s your favorite article of clothing for this summer?*



48 thoughts on “Summer outfit – 2017

  1. That wine/oxblood colour is just gorgeous – I love the skirt you picked out! Thanks for following my blog, can’t wait to see more of your work x

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  2. I wish! Although I imagine I’m older than you are. My uniform these days is completely based on comfort and understated style. And that means generally black. And easy wash and wear. Having a disability and having extra pounds equals a I don’t much care for fashion! But I Enjoyed the visit. Cheers,H

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